Haddow fest round-up part two

With the excitement of Haddow fest approaching, here are some more of Samizdat’s recommendations for who to check out from the 60-odd strong lineup.

The Rudiments

This band strip their rootsy music down to tinkling guitars and husky vocals, and their hooky, 60s influenced melodies could become an essential travel companion when their debut album comes out in 2011.

Miniature Dinosaurs

These guys win the Flying Burrito Brothers Memorial Prize for having the best name from the festival lineup, definitely. Yelping vocals and driving guitars; is it too soon for an early noughties indie revival?

Tango In The Attic

I don’t know if their name refers to the popular dance or the less popular carbonated beverage, but this is a lot of fun- angular indie ready for the dancefloor, and lucid lyrics which would do Scotland’s carousel of great songswriters proud.


Rabble rousing rock! ‘Poledancer’ has even got a bit where someone shouts ‘oi oi oi’ in the background, if that doesn’t make you want to check this shit out then I do not know what to say to you.


Oh I am partial to a bit of bluesy, Led Zep-influenced blues-rock, and Alfonzo provide this in spades. The singer sounds like he smokes twenty Marlboro Red a day (cowboy killers) and gargles with creosote. Good craic live, apparently.







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