World’s End Girlfriend – Seven Idiots

Damnit Mario, put that crack pipe down, Yoshi’s come over to see you. Mario! MARIO! Stop licking the walls, what the hell is wrong with you?!

Japan’s World’s End Girlfiend’s tenth offering is like being stuck inside the most difficult level of Mario 64, which I was always pretty rubbish at, but set in 2051, with Jeff Bridges’ Tron character shouting at you in a cowboy drawl, so you’re at once confused, excited and frustrated because you can only parse every other word.

Dense, complex and, at times, remarkable, Idiots goes from layered guitars to drawn out funk (Decalogue Minus 8 sounds like early Chilis, upside-down and underwater, produced by avant garde jazz troupe Polar Bear), with more twists and turns than a stray pube.  Highly recommended.


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